Sunday, April 24, 2011

OH NO Not Again!

I started fishing at 6PM, nothing at Rock. Somebody put a bobber in a tree there today. Then I tried a few casts at Jenny's, nothing. So it was off to the GOMH. Nobody was there when I showed up at around 7:30PM. I decided to head to the NE side and fish into Platte. Pretty much nothing was going on and it was just about 8PM and I was throwing a Vampire Orange(red/black) Berkley Havoc Pit Boss trying for a dogfish. On one of my retrieves after I pulled the lure from the water there was a pretty good size boil that I thought was probably a fish, so I started pitching to the area. On about the 4th cast, something nailed it. I set the hook and the fish started moving up the current which was flowing into Sullivan. It felt like a good fish and just like that it came off. I inspected my line and it was frayed so I sat down and re-tied. I got back to pitching the area again and after about 10 casts something hit it. I set the hook and didn't get it. Once again my line was frayed so I had to retie. I pitched the area for about 5 minutes before I finally had another hit about in the middle of the channel. The fish was off before I could even set the hook. I kept working the area and had it hit really good. I rared back on the hookset, I felt the fish for a couple of seconds then it was off again. The Pit Boss was messed up on the hook and the Texas Rig Trailer Hitch I was using to keep the plastic in place was gone and once again the line was frayed. I retied and put on another Pit Boss, but I didn't get any more hits. The fact that it didn't break me off and I couldn't hook it, makes me think it was probably a dogfish. At about 8:30PM I switched to the SE side. Lantern Man and I think his daughter was fishing the SW side with minnows. They hadn't gotten any bites by the time I left when it was to dark to see my bobber.

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