Tuesday, April 26, 2011


George Kramer takes a pot shot at Bryan Kerchal...

Seriously??? Had Kerchal lived I seriously doubt Kramer would be saying this, because that "amateur" would be a veteran Pro now. Two Classic appearances through the Federation isn't a cake walk and no doubt the Classic victory would have given him the bona fides to be a long standing fixture in the sport.

How many "no-name" players have World Series or Super Bowl rings or Golf Major Championships? Sorry, George but your reasoning on this example is stupid and disrespectful.


Art Simms said...

Lets see.... Kerschal had to beat 50,000 guys to make the Classic, and did it twice! The "pros" only have to beat about 40 to make the classic! How is that Back door?

Thoughts of a Christian Bass Fisherman said...

Wow, I have to say I am affended by that article. I mean I was just a little kid when Kerschal won, I didnt even know about pro bass fishing. Lets be honest Kerschal is a hero to ever weeked angler who wants to win the classic. And as for this back door comment what the crap.....George Kramer needs to be kicked!