Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ice Out By Easter Update #8

Ice Out Platte Lake
Ice Out Sullivan Lake
Ice Out Bulldog Lake
The picture is the view from the Platte Lake public access. Yes there is ice there, but you could launch a boat because somebody did just that today. I didn't take a close look at Sullivan but it looked to be all the way open from the GOMH. Today's ice out makes this the 2nd latest ice out on Platte since I moved North in 2003.

The boat that launched on Platte was fishing at the GOMH on the Sullivan side. They said they hadn't caught anything and I didn't see them catch anything. I have been skunked the past two days in a row.

Updates from Minnesota Climatology:
Emily (Pope)out 4-18
Minnewaska (Pope)out 4-19

The last lake I'm following is Mille Lacs which has an average ice out date of April 24th. It should be later than that by a couple of days this year.

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Silverking Lodge said...

I guess you never know when you go out there being the first one out on the lake and breaking the ice... I have heard people having success and some people getting skunked.... more people getting skunked. Hopefully it gets better! Looks Chilly...