Monday, April 11, 2011

Ice Out By Easter Update #3

I'll start out with today's view from the GOMH out on to Sullivan.

Next is the view on to Platte Lake. I am surprised to see such a big area on Platte open, the ice hasn't even pulled away from the shore elsewhere around the lake.

This is the updated map from Minnesota Climatology.

Here is the current score from Minnesota Climatology, lots of action over the weekend thanks to warm temps and rain.
Sarah (Murray)out 4-10
Shetek (Murray)out 4-10
Albert Lea (Freeborn)out 4-8
Clear (Waseca)out 4-10
Fountain (Freeborn)out 4-8
Loon (Waseca)out 4-8
Madison (Blue Earth)out 4-10
St Olaf (Waseca)out 4-9
Sakatah (Le Seuer)out 4-10
Shields (Rice)out 4-10
Tetonka (Le Sueur)out 4-10
Cannon (Rice)out
Zumbro (Olmsted)out
Gervias (Ramsey)out 4-11
Calhoun (Hennepin)out
Harriet (Hennepin)out
Kohlman (Ramsey)out 4-10
Lake of the Isles(Hennepin)out
Medicine (Hennepin)out 4-10
Phalen (Ramsey)out 4-11
I believe Medicine is the farthest North of these lakes. Judging by this I would guess most Twin City lakes will go sometime this week. Lakes up here look pretty solid for now. I'm thinking sometime mid next week. With all the open water at the GOMH, I could be catching fish this week if I'm lucky.

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