Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ice Out By Easter Update #7

Platte/Sullivan Area Lakes:
Rock- Ice Free
Long- Ice Free

Platte- 99% Ice Free
Bulldog- 80% Ice Free
Sullivan- Maybe 50% or more, not sure.

The wind today was enough for Rock. I would call Platte Open but the only remaining slab of ice is right out from the Platte Lake public access and for me to call the lake open I have to be able to get from the Public Access to our place on the East end of the lake and you can't quite do that yet. Probably tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes this year for the docks to get in at the public accesses of my area lakes. Last year it took more than a month after ice out. In many other years they have been in within a week to a few days of ice out. I'm guessing last year the delay was because the DNR was not ready for the early ice out and all the area lakes were open by the time they started working on the docks and they prioritized them differently than normal.

New Lakes Open according to Minnesota Climatology:
Artichoke (Big Stone)out 4-17
Big Stone (Big Stone) out 4-16
Green (Kandiyohi)out 4-19

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