Friday, April 15, 2011

Ice Out By Easter Update #5

Well it's gotten cool windy and kind of nasty out with very light rain. We might get a couple of inches of snow tonight. I checked out some area lakes today. On Platte the Bay with our lake place looked about 80% open. The big West public access Bay and the big middle bay still have lots of ice. Rock looked to be mostly covered however, the area by the access had enough open water that I actually think I would have a shot at catching something if I tried it. Bulldog looked to be about 5% open. Even with this cool weather I think the ice will be out by Tuesday at the latest.

Here are the lakes Minnesota Climatology has open since my last update.
Minnetonka (Hennepin)out 4-14
Lindstrom (Chisago)out 4-13
White Bear (Ramsey)out 4-13
Rush (Chisago)out 4-15
Buck (Todd)out 4-14
Cedar Lake (Morrison)out 4-15
Moose (Todd)out 4-14
Buck (Todd)out 4-14
Traverse (Traverse)out 4-13

Interesting that Traverse is out, but no word on Big Stone which is farther South. I believe Moose in Todd County is the farthest lake North.

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