Friday, September 03, 2010

Wind, Rock Dock, Platte Lake

Today I left the house to go fishing at 4PM. When I arrived at Jenny's, the wind was blowing hard out of the W NW and I found it difficult to cast. Next I headed to the lake place which was a bit more protected and I worked the area from the dock. It was blowing a steady 20+ with gusts to 30 I'm sure. I made the decision that taking the boat out in that wasn't the best idea. Since the Rock Dock would be protected I decided to go there. Indeed the area was totally calm and I elected to try my new Lucky Craft Gunfish. I had pike miss and come completely out of the water. Glad I didn't lose the lure on that one.

I made a cast to a pocket in the shoreline weeds to the North of the dock and this bass was all over that Gunfish.
I was a happy camper at this point. I tried several of my new topwaters, but didn't get any hits on those. Eventually I started throwing a spinnerbait and I had a small fish on that got off after about a 5 second fight. I switched to a black/blue Crawtube and I felt something hit it. Set the hook and reeled in a 13inch bass.

It was getting close to 7PM and it seemed like the wind had maybe calmed down some, so I headed back to the lake place to check it out. Sure enough the wind was now down under 10MPH, so I decided to take the boat out.

I decided to hit up the SE side of the big Island because that area was protected from the big wind today. I ended up catching 2x14+" bass and one nice pike on a "Big Sexy" Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx frog. I am just glad I didn't get skunked.

I think I am now 7 for 8 on catching strikes I've gotten with the Mad Maxx.

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