Tuesday, September 07, 2010

BTD Bait Monkey Madness

Bass Tackle Depot is having a 15% Labor Day Sale and I couldn't resist the Bait Monkey temptation. I went all topwater.

First on the agenda was a bright bluegill color 5" Black Dog Molded Lunker Punker
If it wasn't for the Tackle Tour message board I don't know that I would have considered getting a Lunker Punker. I've never heard of these lures being fished here in MN. I think it has predominately been a West Coast lure. They just recently started making the 5 inch bait. Previous to that the smallest size was a 6" that weighs just under 2ozs and they go up to 10" at 6.6ozs, which I think put the lure more in the Musky category for here in the upper Mid-West. It's quite possible Musky guys here in MN may have been throwing these things, but I'm not a muskie guy, so I don't know. Anyway, on Tackle Tour a lot of bass guys sing this lures praises, so I got one.

The next lure on the agenda was a "Drag Stripper" color Paycheck Baits Repo Man.
It is my understanding that the Repo Man is a remake of the Reaction Innovations Barely Legal Vixen. The discontinued Vixen's sell on Ebay for $40 to $50 a pop maybe even more with certain colors at auction. Rich Lindgren has sung the praises of the Vixen, but honestly I didn't give the $15+ lure much thought, until I recently saw what the things are fetching on Ebay. If a lure is discontinued and then the market dictates they more than double in asking price, well that tells me the lure IS something special.

On top of these two premium priced baits I bought up several more sale priced Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx Frogs to put myself over $50, so I would get free shipping. Honestly, because those frogs are going for so cheap and with the 15% discount, I think I made out like a bandit.

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