Thursday, September 09, 2010

Vikes vs. Naw Orleans Saints

Well it's now time for the 2010 Football season to kick off with a rematch of last seasons heartbreaker NFC Title Game.

The honest truth is I'm not all that excited for our prospects this season. I just don't think the team is going to perform better than they did last year. We have a tough schedule and I think Sidney Rice is going to be out for at least half the season.

I hope the Vikes prove me wrong, but until they do, my hopes are not up very high.

Update: The game is over and the Vikes lost 14-9. They actually went into half time with the lead. I didn't think the Vikes were going to win, but I take a positive away from the way they lost. They were within a touchdown from winning and the Saints only scored 14 points (2 missed field goals helped out). If we can hold the Saints to 14 then I think it is reasonable to hope the Vikes will be able to keep most teams at 14 or under. If the Vikings can do that, we should win a lot of games this season.

The Vikes next two games (Dolphins and Detroit) are must win.

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