Friday, September 10, 2010

MN Bass Federation Nation State Tournament Day 1

Rich Lindgren of Rich's Bassin Blog took the Day 1 lead in the State Tournament of Champions (PDF) on Lake Minnetonka. He weighed in 17.51lbs anchored by a 5.84lb kicker.

In 2nd Place is fellow Baxter Bass Snatcher Nate Steinbauer who I fished with this year at Farm Island Lake. He has 17.31lbs and had a 5.74lb kicker.

Currently the Baxter Bass Snatchers are in 5th Place out of the 30 teams. The DH Bassmasters are in last place, but it looks like the other Bass Snatchers squad is only Bill Ludenia in this one.

Good Luck to Rich and Nate today!!!

It's also conceivable that Chuck Steinbauer who is in 35th could have a good day and make the State Team yet again. Chuck had a 4.58lb kicker, so between him and Nate they have a little something figured out for big fish.

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