Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cedric Jerome Perry Bass Fishing's Next Busted Cheater

Apparently down in Florida a man by the name of Cedric Jerome Perry was winning several tournaments and the competition got suspicious. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission put the guy under surveillance, and witnessed him not catching fish, but he still won the tournament. Huh!!! At the next go round they discovered a cooler with livewell in his truck, mystery solved. Apparently Perry was catching fish at other lakes and keeping them in the cooler in his truck. When he would get his boat out of the water at the end of the tournament, he would then put the cooler in his boat and then get the fish for weigh in. This Doofus was charged with fraud, grand theft, fishing license and bag-limit violations. Yes, that's right he was fishing without a license and on the night he got caught he had to many fish in his boat.


Lake City Reporter Story...

Hat Tip to T Brinks Fishing blog

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