Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sept 1 Evening on Platte Lake

I headed out the door a little after 3PM and dropped off a fish fillet for Jenny. Naturally I hit up Jenny's from shore, but couldn't get bit on the Mad Maxx frog. So off I went to get the boat ready. I fished the area around the dock with a Mad Maxx and didn't have any hits. I got the boat loaded and went to start the motor. It was turning over but not starting. After a couple of minutes of this I sat back to reflect and realised I didn't have the kill switch attached. Put it on and the motor started right up, amazing.

Conditions were sunny with a light breeze out of the E NE, around 6PM it changed to the SE but still only a light breeze.

I would say I was off around a quarter past 4PM. And my plan was to hit docks on the North End of the big Center bay. I started out in a little slop patch with a white Zoom Horny Toad and was immediately rewarded with a nice 15.25 bass. Originally I was going to work to the East but I decided to go hit up the first dock to the West of the slop. I cast in front of the dock and had a fish boil and steal the Horny Toad. I decided to pitch a black/blue Crawtube to the spot and it got picked up immediately. I set the hook and my line broke, probably a pike but I'm not 100% sure. I rigged up a watermelon red Horny Toad and cast to the next dock to the West and got a 12.5" which I kept. The water looked good, so I continued west but I didn't get a fish until the last dock on the stretch and it was only a 10 incher that I got on the Horny Toad. I tried the reeds for a few minutes with the Mad Maxx, but nothing was going so I motored back to the dock where I broke the fish off.

I worked a bunch of docks to the East and didn't get anything until I came to another patch of slop. I had a hit back in the reeds by shore but didn't get the fish. At one point right before I was to go over a weed mat I think something pulled the Horny Toad under. I pitched back into the spot with a black/blue Crawtube and sure enough it got picked up, but I came up empty with the hookset. I pitched it right back in and it got picked up again. This time I pulled a 14.75 out. I made a cast over the weed mats the Horny Toad and pulled a bass that was just over 13" which I kept. The slop area ended and it was back to docks. I think I missed a fish on an electric chicken Super Fluke and I got a few pecks from sunnies. I got to a little fishing boat on a boat lift. I pitched the Crawtube underneath and something picked it up. This 17.25" would be my big fish of the night, even though a little later on I pulled one that was longer.

A couple of docks down I made a good skip cast under a dock and boat lift. I felt something pulling on the Fluke and I set into a fish, which turned out to be this 8+" pumpkinseed, which I kept.

Eventually I got into some docks with some vegetation around them and I pulled up a hammer handle on the Horny Toad. I made a cast in front of the next dock and had a big blow up. I set the hook and my line broke. Probably another pike or maybe my line was frayed from the pike I just caught. After that dock there is another lengthy slop area. I got a thin one eyed 17.75" bass on the Horny Toad towards the middle of this slop bed. Just before the slop ended I got a 15.5" on a "Big Sexy" Mad Maxx frog. It was starting to get late in the day and I opted not to make a move but to try the firetiger Megabass Pop Max around the docks in this area. I did get one hit up real shallow but I think it was a little fish. The area was full of the carpet weed that takes over after chemical treatment for weeds. I didn't get any more bites except from Mosquito's.

Note: The kept fish went to my parents renter John who likes to eat bass.


Port Clinton Docks said...

What are those things? Horny toad?
Madd maxx frog? I was a bit confused by that. Anyways, was that 8+" pumpkinseed edible? Looks yummy.

Basspastor said...

A Zoom Horny Toad and Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx frog are the names of two fishing lures, manufacturer name first. To see them just Google the names.