Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Bass Fishing Blog News: Jay Kumar Returns to Bass Fishing with Blog


Jay Kumar Returns to Bass Fishing with

Califon, NJ - Sept. 15, 2010 - Jay Kumar – founder of and other properties now owned by Intermedia Outdoors, as well as a former co-host of ESPN's underground hit show "Loudmouth Bass" – is back in bass fishing with new site What exactly is a "bass parade?"

"The best way to put it is that you're either in the parade or watching it, and either way you're a part of it," Kumar said. "We chose the blog format for the site because it encourages fishermen to be part of what we're doing – to participate by leaving feedback, sending in pics and videos for us to post, posting our posts to Facebook, that kind of thing.

"BassParade is also a constant stream, or parade, of all things fishing. It's not the news model pioneered by BassFan. It's not the free-for-all you find in forums. It's more like the Gawker of fishing – short-form, fun, commentary-like content. We cover anything about fishing we think is good, bad, funny or otherwise entertaining."

"We" means him, well-known bass and inshore writer Jason Bryant, and an Alabamian with no shortage of opinions, Bo Crawford.

Bryant said: "The fun thing about BassParade is that it's essentially a stream-of-consciousness blog about all things fishing. We don't sterilize content through a chain of command or a panel of editors. We write it, post it and people read it."

Crawford said: "I hope fishermen find our edgy, out-of-the-box style refreshing." He added: "What I'm most excited about is delivering a mobile device-friendly site to all the anglers out there. I believe that's a first in bass fishing."

Kumar is known as an entrepreneur with no shortage of solid ideas, so what else is he up to? "In hunting, check out," he said. "In fishing, all I can say right now is 'plenty.'"

Naturally I wish the boys well in this endeavor, I hope it is a runaway hit. The Bass Fishing Blogosphere has really started to take shape with some excellent blogs and many blogs like mine that maybe are not so excellent but still contribute to bass fishing in a positive way.

Oh Coarse most of the Bass Fishing Blogosphere is linked here in the blogrolls of Bass Pundit.

Update: I have now read almost all they have written so far and they have a good mix of funny and serious.

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Makaville said...

I love the "parade" idea because it gives people like me the chance to watch and learn some bass fishing techniques.