Monday, September 20, 2010


It's Monday, so it might be time for some Monday morning quarterbacking in regards to the now 0-2 Vikes. The loss to the Saints in New Orleans, no biggie kind of expected it. Loss to Miami in the home opener, time to hit the panic button.

I chock this one down to Chilly's hubris. Last week I witnessed lousy coaching decisions cost Arizona the game when they didn't kick field goals when they had the chance. Kind of was the same thing this week when Chilly opted not to kick a field goal at the start of the game. It turned out the Vikings needed those 3 points. I think Chilly was just too caught up in the belief that our offence would be a powerhouse just like last year. Bad call, now your 0-2.

It's clear our receiver core minus Sidney is not as good as last year and it could very well be that our offensive line isn't performing as good as last year and Brett Farve is obviously not at last years form either. The sad thing is we didn't need to perform that well offensively to beat Miami. They scored 1 touchdown on the Vikings defence.

Hate to say it, but this could turn into a lost season, fast.

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