Saturday, September 18, 2010

Platte Pike with Pete

Today Pete and I got out around 3PM until about 8PM. Conditions were partly cloudy with a 5 to 12MPH West wind. Was windier earlier than later. Forgot the camera.

First we drifted off the weeds down past Jenny's. I got 2 small pike on a blue/white Strike King Burner Spinnerbait.

Then we went to the East shore of the Big Island and fished from the middle corner around to the West shoreline most of the way up. We were getting a few pike here and there and got several in one concentrated area on the back of the island. We decided to work ourselves back over the productive water going South. I caught 3 largies and Pete got 1. I got a couple of more pike on the South end of the island.

I think I ended up with 8 Pike and those 3 bass which were not bigger than 14". All my fish were caught on the Burner. I think Pete caught 8 Pike and the bass. When we got in Jim's grandson Landon was coming in. He said he just hammered small to medium sized bass on a buzzbait, getting a few fish on docks. He was fishing on the North end of the lake, protected from the wind for much of his fishing.

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