Thursday, June 03, 2010

Short Platte Trip

Tonight I got out for a little over an hour before it got dark. It was overcast with about a 3MPH wind out of the SE.

My first spot was to try the biggest reed bed in Platte's big center bay. In the reeds I got the picture fish (13" largie) on a brown (sparrow) Snagproof Bobby's Perfect Frog.; Not too much later a pike stole that frog, so I tied on on red/brown Bobby's Perfect. A bass was messing with the frog but didn't take it, so I pitched back to the spot with a swim jig and I got my second bass which was a 13.5". Next I caught a 20" pike on a "electric chicken" Zoom Super Fluke. While I was in the reeds I think most of the strikes I got came from pike.

On my way out of the reeds I threw the Fluke at a dock and got a 14.5" largie.

Next I headed to the reeds at the South side of the big Island hoping I could get something going there. Not long after I stopped a pike ripped the Zoom Horny Toad I was throwing to shreds and that was pretty much the extent of my action for the night.

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