Friday, June 04, 2010

A Couple Mille Lacs Smallies

Since I put together a couple boxes of Smallmouth Tackle for the Bass Snatchers Whitefish Chain tournament tomorrow I figured I'd go and use some of the stuff tonight at Mille Lacs. These are the results:

The first and biggest bass is 17.25" and the smaller one is 13". They both hit on the spinnerbait in the first two pictures.

Just as I threw out a Rapala subwalk at least one big smallie and maybe more started busting baitfish right in front of me close in to the rocks. I quickly reeled in the Subwalk and cast it in the area, but the fish didn't want it and by the time I changed rods they were gone.

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Marcus Australian fishing said...

Thats a good catch mate