Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bass Snatchers Farm Island Tournament Preview

Tomorrow is the 2nd Baxter Bass Snatcher Tournament of the year on Farm Island Lake just North of Garrison, MN. This will be my 2nd Bass Snatcher tournament on Farm Island. Our 1st tournament of the year was on Farm Island 2 years ago. 2008 gave us a late Spring and we fished it June 7th, so lake conditions will be very different this year. My boater Nate Steinbauer has fished several tournaments on Farm Island and he tends to finish somewhere in the middle of the pack. Neither Nate or I got out to pre-fish, but I'm sure Nate got some good info about how things are setting up from his dad who was my partner at the first tournament this year.

In talking to Nate last week, he said we would be fishing docks, slop, inside weedlines, and some reeds. The weather is suppose to be partly cloudy with light wind, which I think will play to the docks and slop.

My first goal is to catch a limit and my second goal is to catch over 10lbs. At the previous Farm Island tournament I got a 6 fish limit for 9lbs 8ozs for 16th place. We have only 26 guys fishing, so I would also like to crack the top 13.

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