Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Boat on Platte Lake.

Today I got my gear together, so I could start fishing out of the Trophy again. I headed to the lake around 5PM, but forgot the bag with the camera. Once there I got the boat loaded and messed around with my tackle for a little bit. A fish busted a long cast out front of Sherman's (neighbor to our East) in the rice. I was able to make the cast and it hit, but I came up empty. This incident lured me putting the trolling motor down and heading in that direction. I wasn't off in the boat until 6PM. There was quite a bit of activity in the slop but nothing was going after the white Spro Bronzeye Frog. I worked to the reed bed and then I started pitching a jig to holes in the curly leaf pond weed as I worked my way back West. Nothing was happening so I slided in and fished a couple of docks, getting a hit on a bubblegum Super Fluke from a little pike. A lab had been playing in the water at the next dock down the line, so I decided to head to the reed bed off of the end of the North point of Channel Inn Bay. I started out at the tip and worked my way towards shore.

My first fish was a 26" Pike that hit a brownish Lethal Weapon 2 Jig with watermelon Zoom Speed Craw. A few casts later I got hung on a reed and as I was trying to pull it free my line snapped about 15 feet out from the end of the rod. I went and retrieved the jig. I quickly re-tied and got back to casting. I had a hit and set the hook and once again my 30lb Power Pro snapped, this time about 5 feet off the end of the rod tip. I picked up my other swim jig rod that had a blue/pink Monsoor Swim Jig with Action Plastics 5" Super Mag Grub and cast back to the same area and got a hit but the fish got off. I headed to that area and I was able to find the tag end of the line and retrieve the jig again, no fish. I think I'm going to have to give those guides a thorough inspection with a cotton swab, as that I didn't see any trouble spots. It could be weak spots caused by backlashes. I through the Spro Bronzeye up by shore in the rice and reeds and had a hit but it didn't hook up.

After thoroughly fishing the area I started heading to the docks. I got a pike in very shallow on the rice inside weedline. I thought for sure it was going to be a bass. On the first dock I caught a 11.75" bass on a white Zoom Horny Toad. At the next dock I made a good cast and had a fish hit, but I missed it on the hookset and was unable to get it to bite again. Got nothing on the last dock.

It was about 8:30PM now so I decided to hit my best docks to the West of the Platte Lake public access. The first few docks didn't have fish. Finally I got a bite on the Fluke but the fish was swimming right towards me after it picked up the Fluke and I got a crappy hookset and missed the fish. On the next dock I got a bite and promptly broke my line, seemingly at the knot. I cast at the heart of the dock with a Zoom Horny Toad putting my line through part of the dock up off the water and backlashing a little bit. I got my line situation straightened out and there was a fish on the end of the line. I really didn't get a hook set, but the fish hooked up anyway. I tried to pull the fish up and over the part of the dock I had gone through, but that didn't work so I had to go over with the trolling motor and grab it. The bass was 15.25".

I got the Horny Toad re-rigged and decided to throw it out around a patch of weeds (cabbage with sparce rice and reeds) that was out towards the lake. I had what I believe to be a huge bass blow up on the Horny Toad but it missed it. I made repeat casts with the Toad, but it wouldn't hit again. As I fan casted the area I had a pike break me off. Next I started throwing the blue/pink Monsoor Swim Jig. I had a little bass follow it to the boat. I had a fish hit in the vicinity of where I got the blow up, but it didn't hook up. I retied a watermelon Horny Toad and electric chicken Super Fluke. I was throwing the Toad out towards those weeds when I had a pike bite off both legs. I kept using the Toad and got a 12.5" bass. I decided to throw in at the dock again with the Fluke and had a hit, but I missed the hook set. The sun was starting to get low and I wanted to get to where the slop starts so I decided to move on. I had several blow ups on the Toad and eventually coaxed a 15.25" bass to hit after it missed the first time. The Toad was wasted and I lost it while catching in a bunch of weeds.

Next I started throwing a clown Spro Bronzeye Frog. I went with the clown cause I was worried about pike and I have several clown Bronzeyes. I got to where the rice, reeds, and pads, get thicker and missed a fish that very well might have been a dogfish right next to the boat. I started working my way down the reed edge out towards the lake and was rewarded with a 15.25" and 15.75" both on the Spro. It was quite dark by the time I headed back in. The mosquito's really were not bad at all.

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