Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Morning GOMH

I was awake at the crack of dawn so I decided to hit up the GOMH for a quick trip. When I got there another guy who was sucker fishing for pike had just set up on the SW side so I took the SE side.

Right away I got a little toothy bullhead on a red/black Terminator Top Secret Jig, but that would be my only bite on the SE side. Just as I was picking up my stuff to head to the NE side a car pulled up that happened to be John W. We both went to the NE side. He fished down on the rocks toward the bridge and I cast out from the concrete.

I managed this one 14.5" jumpin bullhead:
It took a "tweety" Bobby's Perfect Frog out in open water by the first channel buoys.

John ended up getting a jumpin bullhead that was a little bigger than mine.


Anonymous said...

I love those jumping bullheads!

Coloradocasters said...

Nice self shot on the shoreline. Not easy to get fantastic color on the early morning photos. Good job.