Friday, June 18, 2010


Due to the rain we have had lately I went to the lake place to check and see if I needed to pump water from the boat. I didn't. Naturally I make a few casts at the lake place but didn't have any luck. Next I went to Don W's but the wind was blowing there pretty good and all I got was 1 bite from a sunfish on my Strike King KVD Pro-Model Tube black with red fleck. So off I went to the GOMH and when I arrived no one was there. I started off on the SE side and didn't get any hits on the tube or a Snagproof Frog. I crossed the road to the NE side and it was game on.

My first couple of casts under the bridge didn't get me anything, so I cast across the channel towards the bridge rip rap. I felt some weight and waited until there was a couple of tugs at the rod tip before I set the hook. The fish jumped and I knew I had a good one, which I landed.


For once I didn't have a ruler or scale, but it was 18+ and had to be a 4lb fish. It was a brutus bullhead with big shoulders and fat belly. Very healthy fish.

I proceeded to whack 12 more on the tube with a single 12 incher and the rest being 13 to 15.5" with most around 14.5". The tube got so the screw in was no good anymore, so I just texas rigged it on the Northland Tackle Jungle Jig Loc Jig. I did lose 2 bullheads that spit the hook on jumps and 1 that spit it at the waters surface.

I now have lots of confidence in that Northland jig head.

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Coloradocasters said...

That is a pig of a fish! Congrats.