Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Platte Again

Today was in the mid 80's and mostly sunny. I didn't get on the water until about 6:30PM and I started on docks on the North shore of the bay our cabin is in. There was a slight breeze out of the SW. I've had these docks give nothing, be good, and be very good at one time or another. Tonight they were off. I was in between docks where there is rice and pads plus matted curly leaf pond weed when I got my first pick up on the electric chicken Fluke and I missed it. Real close by I quickly landed a 11.75" and 14.25" on the Fluke. I had a blow up on the Horny Toad in close to shore, but that might have been a pike. I also had a pike stab at the Horny Toad on a cast to the deep edge of the slop. On the very last dock I got a hit at one of the Jet Ski lifts, but I missed it. I cast back in there and got a 10" bass.

Next I headed to the NW corner of the lake to fish reeds,rice, and pads. I got a 11.75" on a watermelon red Zoom Horny Toad, but the rice was such that a white Spro Bronzeye Frog was the better option and that is what I caught all the rest of the fish on. I got a 15" and 12" close to one another and had a fish hit at the frog kind of close to the boat several times. Finally the fish hit and seemed to get the frog, so I set the hook and the frog came flying back at me and the fish made a huge boil. My guess is that it was a big dogfish that pulled the frog down by the legs. I was working my way North when I got a 14.25", 13.25" and this thick 16.25" which was in the slop close to the shore.

As it was getting dark I proceeded to hit what has traditionally been the best stretch of water, but both the reeds and rice are more sparse then they have been and all I got was an 11 incher.

The mosquito's were getting bad and nothing was hitting so I headed out around 9:30PM.

I did get 1 pike on the NW end with the Spro.

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