Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elite Series Breaking News!!!

Just learned from that the Elite Series Tournament for this week has been moved to Fort Gibson Lake due to unsafe conditions on the Arkansas River.

So does this give the Oklamhoma Boys an advantage?

From BassFan I learned that Fort Gibson hosted a Bassmaster Central Open in October 2001. The results of that tournament are here... I think it's hard to extrapolate to much from a tournament in October vs. June. OK boy Edwin Evers didn't do well in that tournament and OK boy Jeff Kriet came in 38th with just under 8lbs for 3 days.

It very well could be a tough tournament as the lake does not seem to be a bass factory. 6 or 7lbs or even less could win it.

I guess we will see if Rick Clunn can live up to his trash talk about how good he is on short notice with little practice.

Interesting Bass Zone claims the lake is right now a pretty good bass fishery where it takes 20lb stringers to win tournaments. OK boy Kenyon Hill says there will be several 20lb stringers caught.

Update: OK I have discovered that this was hardly breaking news. Had I been on Facebook earlier I would have found out 9 hours ago. Several of my FB friends did status updates throughout the day.

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