Sunday, June 27, 2010

Platte/Sullivan Bass Tournament Today

Today at Noon I will get to see what the 15 boats of the Central Minnesota Bass Club can do with Platte and Sullivan. They are a team circut/club with a 5 bass limit. Provided I get them maps before blast off they should be having the weigh in at our lake place. I will really be impressed if any of the teams can top 16lbs or catch a bass over 5lbs. So far this season I think my best 5 in any one outing has been about 13lbs and my biggest fish was right around 4.

One thing is they only fish until Noon and I think they blast off is at official sunrise (about 5:30AM), so they only will fish for 6 and a half hours which is kind of a short tournament day.

Hopefully I will get some pictures of some hawgs.

The winning weight was 14.63lbs and big bass was 4+ and was the only fish over 4.
2nd was 13.87
3rd was 13.62
There were no 12 or 11lb bags.
This was big bass

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