Sunday, June 27, 2010

GOMH Today

Today I hit the Grumpy Old Man Hole around 5:30AM and then again after 7PM.

In the morning there was a heavy fog. I caught an 11" jumpin bullhead on a spinnerbait and a nice 26+" toothy bullhead on a white Rapala Subwalk on the NE side.

In the evening I was fishing with Pete and right off the bat I got 2 toothy bullheads on the NE side. We took a trip to try fishing at the Platte Lake Public Access but there were people fishing on the dock. We headed back to the GOMH and Pete fished the SW side and I took up the SE side. Pete had a blow up on a buzzbait but missed it. Pete eventually started fishing for sunnies and got a few small one's. I had two hits on a spinnerbait that didn't hook up.

I went to the NE side after the sun was below the trees and got this little guy.
That was pretty much it for action.


Mike Folkestad said...


Great site, thanks for the link.

btw...what is a jumping bullhead?

Big Indiana Bass said...

Hey Pundit - Maybe I missed it in the archives, but have you ever posted a list of bullhead species interpretations? Do they always stay the same, or are they created as you go? For instance, are "silver bullhead" always crappie?

I think it would be fun to take this system and then apply it to lake and river names down in these parts to "camo" the actual locations of where I'm fishing (LOL). I'll have to think on that one.

Basspastor said...

A "jumpin bullhead" is a bass and always has been a largemouth, but there is the potential it could be a smallmouth too.

I have my "Classic Bass Pundit" link list there is one on "Bullheads" but it doesn't give a cross reference between species. Silver Bullheads are always crappies, but sometimes on all the fish I will just call them a bullhead without the adjective.

The bullheads are cross referenced at this post:

Big Indiana Bass said...

Much thanks for the post link BP. Love the bullhead talk. I used to walk the bank a lot at my home reservoir and always met the same guys repeatedly while fishing the bridge corners just like in your GOMH posts.