Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How I Came Up With the Name Bass Pundit

Outdoor Blogger Network is asking it's member bloggers to share how their blogs came to be named with this weeks Outdoor Writing Prompt I can't say that I've ever blogged about this before and I am one of Outdoor Blogger Networks featured bloggers this week, so I figured I'd tell the story.

I think many who are up on the development of the "Blogosphere" can probably figure out where Bass Pundit comes from:
One of the very first blogs that I ever read was Instapundit by Glenn Reynolds. He used to have a graphic that claimed Instapundit was the Grand Central Station of the Blogosphere or something to that effect. Since to me "Pundit" and blogs where so synonymous I went with Bass Pundit rather than my nickname of Basspastor.

When I first started Bass Pundit I envisioned Bass Pundit being sort of like an Instapundit for bass fishing information. The problem with that being when I started Bass Pundit there just were not that many bass fishing websites and there were basically no other blogs centered around bass fishing with which I could frequently link; To go the Instapundit route I would basically always be linking to the same couple of websites. It really has not been until the past couple of years that blogging has begun to catch on among bass fishermen and the number of bass fishing bloggers that write frequently is still quite low. Still, one of the aim's of Bass Pundit is certainly to promote other bass fishing blogs and that will always be the case.

Mostly Bass Pundit to me is a hobby that I do whatever I feel like with and the fact that others care to read it and enjoy it gives me some personal satisfaction.

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Jeremy Thornton said...

Cool background story BP. I enjoy the stuff you post and look forward to continued reading.