Thursday, April 19, 2007

Platte/Sullivan Ice Free & More

Platte/Sullivan ICE FREE!
Rock Lake Ice Free

Let the Dogfish chase begin!!!!
Got my first fish of the 2007 Open water season today. It was a 17" Larry Bass from the Rock Dock on lure X. Nothing happening at the GOMH yet.

Weather: Mid 60's breezy out of the SE.

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BassZone Day 1 story...

Fantasy Notes:
Bass Pundit 1 DISASTER KVD 4 fish 82nd, Kennedy 86th Total Points for the day 127! Lintner in 17th is best angler.

Minnesocold BP Boys: Picked day 1 leader Casey Ashley so that alone saves this team. Right now the average score for all players is only 158. After Ashley it is down hill fast: IKE 34, Williamson 46 no limit bonus, Hite 50, Kennedy 86. I need Ashley to hold on.

Hopefully Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat! except for Ashley

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