Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Me On Trophy MN Bass & Mille Lacs Report from 2002

BP Tourny HQ: Fishers of Men Mille Lacs 02...

Today I went deep into the archives just to look and see what was there. It was amazing to see how many of the original people who used that board were banned and now are listed as annonymous. Ahh the memories. For instance this post on a thread about a big bass:

Yes I would certify a 22" as a big/trophy class fish. Almost no doubt it was over 6lb.
Here's how I score em.
18" Nice Bass
19" Big Bass
20" Hawg
21" Trophy Size
22" Huge Fish
23" Get it weighed possible State Record
24" This could be the magic 10, definitely get it weighed.

PS I'm going with legitimate length: mouth closed tail pinched nose against measuring board. To hold a fish next to a ruler can be deceiving if one isn't careful.

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