Friday, April 13, 2007

More Classic Basspastor from archives, this from 04/17/01 on the topic of bass closed season angling.

The Basspastor says there is a fine line here between the sin'en and grin'en. I think fishing soft plastic worms, big tubes, and bass jigs are a no no and yes you could get flagged by the DNR. These are plain and simply bass baits where a pike or walleye on them would be an incidental catch. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, walleye and crappie size grubs, beetle spins, and the like however can be primary baits for the other species. Which reminds me of a story from an opener a few years back. I was fishing weed flats with a spinner bait and floating Rap for pike. Naturally I was catching as many if not more bass then pike. The lake has a much larger bass population than pike pop. Anyway, I was working my way down the flat when some guy on a dock starts harassing me about how bass season doesn't begin for another couple of weeks. This guy wouldn't stop and was being a jerk. I proceeded down the way without saying anything back. Later that night while fishing another weed flat I caught a 10lb pike on the same floating rap that this guy was yelling at me about. On this same flat the same night I was throwing a muskie size spinnerbait and could not keep the bass off it. Go figure. I have seen and caught some big pike on opener or the week after using a bass sized spinnerbait or rapala. IN fact in the last few years I have caught a fair number of pike over 7lbs and the majority have all been on bass size lures (Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits)
Follow up post:
My last post reminded me of another opener from a few years ago, but this time it was the bass opener. The weather was cool and cloudy and I was on a new lake. Naturally, I was after bass, primarily throwing bass soft plastics. What I found was Pike everywhere with a bass here and there. That day had I wanted I could have caught more than a hundred pike and I think I ended up catching more than 40 as it was. I ended up catching and releasing about ten bass. Go figure (Redux)

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