Friday, April 20, 2007

Clarks Hill Day 2

Fishing Report: Skunked, nothing at the GOMH not even a Grumpy Old Man; fished it in the afternoon and dusk. Two boats at the GOMH, nothing.
Rock Dock zero.
Got bites from a minnow at Bulldog Outlet.

Basszone On the Water Blog...

Clarks Hill Real-Time Leaderboard
Kriet sacks 13-15
KVD sacks 14-12 hopefully this will mean some fantasy upward mobility, however it looks like weights are up today for everyone just about. Still Early

Bassfan Day 2 story...

BassZone Day 2 story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray misses $10,000 by an ounce...

SMG Tour Notes and Blog...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Bass Pundit 1 Kennedy sucked 83rd, KVD moved up to 55th so he's out of the cut, Lintner dropped 1 spot, Kriet up 14 to 39th, Williamson up 12 to 34th.

BPboys: Rough day Ike dropped 30places, Hite dropped 34 places no limit bonus no points, Kennedy 83rd, Ashley drops 2, Williamson is only gainer. BAD DAY!

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