Friday, April 27, 2007

Guntersville 1/Norman 2

Fishing Report 4/27/07: I got one measly orange bullhead, missed a few bites; I fished the SE side for most of the night with maggots. I think I should have saved some of the dead minnows I threw away when I first got to the GOMH. Lee Ander and Willard were there with 1 of Lee Anders sons and two grandsons. They caught silver bullheads and jumpin bullheads. It was pretty slow for the most part.

Dad and I are gonna get up early tommorrow and give it a try, with minnows.

Tournament News:

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BassFan Norman day 2 story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
G-Ville BASS

BP1: has KVD in 3rd but the rest of the line up isn't that great.

BP boys: Duckett and Miyazake in the top 10 the rest not so great. IKE in 82nd, Ouch!

FLW Norman:
1 Bp's Mommy 856
2 Bass Pundit 1 705
3 BPObro 683
4 BP's Dad 657
5 Schmenzig Bassmen 634
6 Minnesocold BP's Boys 609
7 Cyb'sBboys 541

Overall it was a good moving day for the posse with all teams increasing in points except BP's Obro.

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