Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weather, Notes, and FM.com Whiners

Weather: Sunny and 65. Nice! Allergies were bugging the heck out of me this afternoon. AhhhhChoo! Eyes watering to tears and nose running like a faucet. I finally gave in and took a generic Claritin and now I am Caritin Clear.

Picked up the 2007 fishing licence today, I was going to get it yesterday but both of the local bait shops closed up before 6PM and so I couldn't get it. Today I also ordered a pair of Cocoons Sunglasses from Bass Pro Shops (Thanks Steve and Kim for the gift card). This spring I have been unable to find any of the three pairs of amber polarized Sunglasses that I wore last summer. I believe Cocoons used to be called Fitovers. I had a pair of Fitovers and loved them, then I lost them sometime last year, so it will be nice to have a new pair. I also discovered where the propane Coleman Lantern was plus a 5 gallon bucket/livewell for Spring time Crappies; Yeah for me!

On the down side, my boat mechanic (aka BP's Dad) informed me that I won't be able to use the Trophy (the boat I use) until he inspects and probably does something to fix the transom. I am not totally sure what he thinks is wrong. There is a spot on the back port corner of the boat were there is some cracking on the top of the boat. It doesn't look serious to me, but what do I know. I'm not even sure if that is what Dad is concerned with. With the trophy out of commission I will be forced to use the "Slop Slip" (10' Coleman Crawdad Jon Boat). Out of the slop slip I would probably try some Spring Crappie fishing at Bulldog, something I've not done before.

At FishingMinnesota.com the armchair anglers patrol is out in full force whining about the suspected "targeting" of out of season fish. I look forward to this annual rite of Spring that is the armchair angler patrol crying their eyes out till they are red in the face and steam comes out of their ears about anglers who they suspect of "targeting" out of season fish.

This weekend I sat and watched a boat fish for "slabs" with their plugs. They caught fish after fish and were having a ball...yet not ONE that was the "right" fish. When I finally called them on it "Oh, we are just fishing for big slabs".
At least some people are giving the offending anglers the benefit of the doubt.

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