Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Weather: Unfortunatly Spring is taking a few steps back this week. Even so I am guessing that Platte/Sullivan and Rock may have ice out by next weekend. I have not seen the lakes to judge them, but my guess is that the warm rain this weekend has really had an effect. It won't be long now...

Yesterday saw some of the worst media photo coverage of the Elite Series. I have been unable to find a picture of Steve Kennedy's full 40lb bag and no pictures at all of Tim Horton's 12-1 giant. BOO! Update I found pictures! See Yesterday's blog.

Mark Davis wins Ft. Loudoun–Tellico FLW Tour by 2-11 over Dave Lefbre. Also congratulations to Keith Williams, who I've fished with here in Minnesocold, on a 3rd Place Finish.
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Posse Results Ft. Loudoun–Tellico & Overall pts and place:
1 Minnesocold BP's Boys 767 688thplace 1552pts 251thPlace
2 Cyb'sBboys 755 790thplace 1490pts 459thplace
3 Schmenzig Bassmen 752 817thplace 1372pts 1115thplace
4 BPObro 747 879thplace 1602pts 121thplace
5 Bp's Mommy 645 2066thplace 1321pts 1428thplace
6 Bass Pundit 1 611 2411thplace 1447pts 699thplace
7 BP's Dad 524 3110thplace 1338pts 1329thplace
Not exactly a great showing for any posse member, everybody was headed backwards pretty much.

Elite Clear Lake: Basszone Blog from the Water...

The Fat Lady has sung at Clear Lake and it's Steve "Yes he is on BP1 and BP boys rosters" Kennedy who has won and set a new Bass four day tournament record with 122-14 a full 5-8 better than Skeet. Kennedy notched the days big bag for the 2nd day in a row, chock up the bonus points baby!
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Clear Lake Fantasy Bass Results
Minnesocold BPboys: 614 7thplace MN Fantasy Bass league, Overall 1559th place
Bass Pundit 1: 545 1stplace MN Fantasy Bass league, Overall 217th place
A pretty good tournament for both teams. BPboys move up 2,592 places and BP 1 moves up 233 places on the big board.

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