Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clarks Hill Day Final

Fishing Report: The GOMH comes alive in a steady rain. Windy out of the north pushing current through. I started it off with 11 jumpin bullheads and 1 marble eye bullhead. Then I caught 6 orange bullheads and 5 silver bullheads as it got dark. I fished until I couldn't see my bobber anymore. And that is why I have been showing up every night since ice out.

Mike McClelland Wins! Congrats!!! on the water blog.

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Fantasy Fishing Notes: Clarks Hill was not kind the BP teams. I dropped Ish, Martens and Roumbains For Kriet, Ike, and Williamson. 243 was the average score at Clarks Hill both teams were below that standard.

BP 1: Dropped 149 places overall with 221pts to put me in 366th. Dropped to 2nd in MN Fantasy Bass League.

BPboys: Only mustered 208 pts dropped to 12th in MN Fantasy Bass League and down to 2245 Overall which is a drop of 686 places. Ouch!

In Super 6 pick'em BP 1 blanked and the BPboys scored all of 4 points. The worst showing of the year by far. BP 1 wasn't even close.

Cool Site: Toyota Fishing Team

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Anonymous said...

I have been itching to fish this summer...any updates on your boat? What does dad think is wrong? Anyway once summer hits I will want to go fishing a bit with you. I'm sure I won't get skunked.