Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fishing Report 4/25/07: I did an early trip to the GOMH starting around 3:30 to 5:30. GOM Lee Ander was there along with two other guys. 1 of those guys was in a boat fishing the SE side, and he caught several bullheads on a large twister tail. The guy to the west of me tangled with a couple of bullheads. I tangled with a couple of bullheads, catching a small one. Lee Ander caught a 4lb plus bullhead on a waxie and jig. He also missed a orange bully. About 4:45 Willard arrived and started talking more "bacon." At 5:30 I went over to get Jenny for the fish fry.

After the fish fry dad and I hit the GOMH arriving around 7:15. It was 60 degrees and dead calm. The silver bullheads were just starting to hit. It was our good fortune that Willard had started fishing thus effectively saving the SW side for us to fish. The silver bullheads were hitting good tonight, nice and steady; I helped five different people fill out limits including GOM Lee Ander and Willard. I also threw several (4-5) silvers back. Dad's bobber was barely visible on the surface or was just beneath the surface. Dad missed several fish. Fish were hitting on waxies for Lee Ander and minnows for just about everyone else. I used both maggies and minnows, some of the minnows were dead ones. The later it got the more the fish seemed to prefer minnows. We quit fishing when everyone had their limit; it was dark but I could still see my bobber. All in all it was a lot of fun at the GOMH tonight.

Lee Ander told me that the channel by the golf coarse on Mille Lacs was giving up big crappies from 5-7pm. The main body of ML is still a sheet of ice.

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes: Got my line up's done for Norman and Guntersville, did YOU?

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