Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elite Guntersville/FLW Norman Day 1

Fishing Report 4/26/07: Got to the GOMH after 7PM. There were 6 guys on the SW side including Lee Ander and Don W. was fishing the SE side. Someone on the SW side caught a dogfish just as I arrived. Shortly after that Don nailed a silver bullhead. I took up a spot where the dogfish had been thrown at the W end of the SW side. I managed to catch a few orange bullheads including a nice keeper I gave to Lee Ander. I also got 1 small perch. Eventually the guys to the east of me started busting silvers. I was shut out until a couple of guys left. I stayed long into the darkness (10PM) and only managed 2 silvers and an actual bullhead. There was no bite after dark to speak of. Don went home with 10 and got 6 on the SE side. He said he missed quite a few fish. The guy immediately to my left for most of the night was catching orange bully's on waxies and a small jig. He missed a dogfish and eventually managed to catch 4-5 silvers. After everyone left I threw the still alive dogfish back in the water.

Tournament News: In case you haven't heard day 1 of the Elite Guntersville was cancelled due to the threat of severe weather. As it turned out I don't think the weather was that bad, but I agree with the decision, better safe than not.

FLW Norman Day 1 BassFan Story...

BassZone Norman Day 1 Story...

BassFan Big Stick John Murray at G-ville...

BassFan Big stick Jay Yelas at Norman

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
FLW w/the Posse: Nearly half the field (95 anglers) is within 5 pounds of the lead.
This note from BassFan shows just how important Day 2 is going to be. The vast majority of the posse picks are in 1st 100 anglers (15) with 8 of those in the top 50. The best pick so far is Brent Ehrler in 17th and the worst pick is Wendlandt in 174th.

Here how it shakes out:
1 Bp's Mommy 782
2 BPObro 713
3 Bass Pundit 1 695
4 BP's Dad 598
5 Minnesocold BP's Boys 588
6 Schmenzig Bassmen 523
7 Cyb'sBboys Mike Thompson 459

All in all a mediocre Day 1, but since the weights are so compacted there is room for a great deal of movement on day 2.

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