Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ebayt Monkey

The Bait Monkey has me on Ebay again. Of late I have picked up a wacky rigging O-ring tool, Academy Sports H20 Express Popper, 3 albino Spro Bronzeye Frogs, and the above pictured Megabass Pop-X.

Later today I will most likely be bidding on a bluegill Deps Buzzjet Jr. and bluegill Megabass Pop Max. These two items are both from the same seller as the Megabass Pop-X and I'm thinking the combined shipping discount could help my bids a little because my max bid threshold is higher.

So far I think I've been getting good deals on everything but the H20 popper, which I bought in no small part because the particular Ebay Store is in business run by and to help our returning wounded warriors.

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