Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blacklisted by BassFishingDem

Apparently I offended BassFishingDem author of the blog I am a bass fisherman because he took me off his blogrolls and he even went so far as to remove me as a follower of his blog. I noticed this slight because I had not heard anything from his blog in a while, so I went to check and see if he was not posting. Well he had not posted in a while, but I still had not seen/been informed of his most recent posts and I figured it out from there.

I am guessing he did what he did either because of some political status updates I did on Facebook or else he might have discovered my seldom written on political/military blog ? Encircling Mendacity. Frankly I think this is kind of sad because I considered BassFishingDem a blogging friend as we have had a fair amount of contact over the last few years. BassFishingDem likes to consider himself "a liberal leaning outdoorsman" but by his actions it seems pretty obvious to me that the moniker of "liberal" is a stretch, at least in the classic meaning of the word. More accurately I think his actions show him to be more of a narrow minded and uncharitable left leaning outdoorsman.

In his own words from his Facebook Bass Dem Fan Page:
Bass Dem- Busy cleaning out certain kinds of people from my friends list based on comments, fan pages, groups, and other telltale clues.
June 14 at 11:17pm

I tried to contact him to get an explanation, but that was fruitless.

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Anonymous said...

damn shame most people don't know what classical liberal means!