Friday, August 27, 2010

Bass Snatcher Washburn Lake Preview

I've never been on Washburn Lake before, but I am going in to this one armed with way more information than I usually have. For this one I had an "ace in the hole" give me some solid info and advice. In addition to that my boater Darren did get out to pre-fish for one day and it sounded like he had a pretty good day. Darren was confident we will be on fish. Conditions will be similar to the day he was out pre-fishing. It's suppose to be warm and windy out of the South. It's really been pretty windy all week and the weather has been fairly stable, so the fish should be fairly aggressive. Tonight I made the call to take off a jigNtube and instead put a spinnerbait on that rod. I plan to power fish out of the gate and keep going back to aggressive presentations throughout the day.

I am hopeful this will be a good tournament.

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