Monday, August 23, 2010

Ebayt Monkey Again

Well tonight I swallowed hard and bought not 1 but 2 Megabass Pop Max Lures. Both are supposed to be new and one comes in the package and the other doesn't. At Tackle Warhouse a Megabass Pop Max sells new for $28. I got the two for just under $41 and a quarter shipped.

What happened was that I put in the minimum remaining bid for the bluegill color in it's package, thinking that I probably wouldn't get it and then I would snap up the lime which was on a Buy It now for under $20 shipped. Well much to my surprise that minimum remaining bid was accepted and then it held on for the next 3 hours and I won the lure.

I looked through several hundred Pop Max listings and the lemon/lime one for under $20 was the very best deal out there. I figured since my Yellow Magic is lemon/lime, a bullfrog Frenzy Popper is lemon/lime that I might as well have a lemon/lime Pop Max to fish those against, so I bought it.

I've lost my mind!

And I'm still in the market for a Deps Buzzjet or Deps Buzzjet Jr. The one I bid on tonight went for more than I was willing to pay. I already have my eye on another one that is closing this week.

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