Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Suggestions To The New Owners Of BASS

I was reading BassFan's question and answer with Ray Scott about the new BASS ownership. Here is some of what Ray had to say:

What's something you'd first like to see the new BASS do?

What I'd like to see – I tried to do this with Helen (Sevier) but was never quite successful with her – is a dadgum BASS decal on the back of every bass angler's car in America. There was a time when you couldn't drive across town without seeing one. And to tell the truth, I haven't seen many lately.

I also want to see this ownership do what's right with conservation and the Federation (Nation) programs. That's what sets BASS apart from being just another fishing club. Those two things are the heart and soul of BASS, in my opinion.

Folks out there want and need to be a part of something bigger than just themselves. They want to be a part of an army, a movement, whatever you want to call it. I want to see them rebuild that sense. The members are begging for it. But we as BASS members have our work cut out for us.

This got me to thinking, what do I think BASS should do?

First on the list would be to go back to being B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society) not BASS.

2ndly they should think about enhancing the grass roots by reforming, enhancing, and expanding qualification for the Bassmasters Classic through the Federation. For instance say if each State Federation can attain a certain goal of membership than that State's State Tournament Champion gets a spot in the Bassmasters Classic without having to win their region in the Federation Championship while keeping the regional and national formats the same so it's possible for State's to have double qualifiers.

In addition to that change, the Bassmasters Classic should change to a Pro with Co-Angler format and the Federations should strongly be encouraged to embrace some form of Co-Angler model. At the Classic itself they wouldn't have to weigh the Co-Anglers on the big stage with the Pro's. For all I care they could make the Classic for Co-Anglers a single day Pro/AM shared weight format where the Co's only get limited or no prize money, after all wouldn't getting to fish a day in the Classic with almost all expenses paid be prize enough?

Yes I may have jumped the shark with these ideas, but I think they would show BASS as an organization is serious about developing up from the grass roots, instead of from the more recent model which is more of the top down.

Update: Sometime soon I will share another idea: The Blogosphere for B.A.S.S.

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