Tuesday, August 03, 2010


According to Sitemeter over the last two hours visits to my blog have skyrocketed past even my all time record daily traffic level. 228 then 170+ visits in consecutive hours. I wonder if something is screwed up at Sitemeter or if I'm really getting all this traffic. Google Analytics doesn't show the same bump, but I don't know if Google Analytics is in real time or delayed.

Anyways Welcome!!!

Update: It looks like the traffic spike is for real and is almost all from the Google Search engine and the Mike Hart cheating scandal. It really doesn't seem that too many people are actually stopping to read that I can tell.

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Clif said...

I never wrote about it, but I'm getting some hits from people searching Bing for Mike Hart.

It seems the last time Bing indexed Lunkerhunt, your Hart post was featured on my roll and for some reason that was enough to put me near the top for their engine.

Not surprisingly, they aren't sticking around. I guess they click and then wander off after not seeing what they want. Score one for Bing providing it's users with relevant up-to-date links!