Thursday, May 01, 2008


Can you tell what kind of "bullhead" this is? Find out the answer at the BP Fishing Log Blog.

"Bullheads": For those of you who don't know, the Grumpy Old Men at the Grumpy Old Man Hole call everything they catch there a bullhead. Someone stops to ask what they are catching, "bullheads" is always the reply. It's their way of trying to keep this very public spot a secret. Because of this I have taken to refering to every fish I catch at the GOMH as some type of bullhead here at the blog.

I have caught "jumpin bullheads," "silver bullheads," "orange bullheads," "toothy bullheads," "golden bullheads," "yellow striped bullheads aka tiger bullheads," and of coarse yellow brown or black bullheads. I have also seen a few dogfish get caught.

If someone passing by asks me and the GOM's are not around, then I will often spill the beans on what I am catching, but sometimes not . So far this year I have had company from another fisherman only once and he fished the NW side, neither of us caught anything that night as the water was flowing into Platte.

Fisher of Men Spring Outing: This upcoming Fri-Sun is the big weekend at Big Sandy camp on Big Sandy Lake. After a years absense our "KING CRAPPIE" trophy is up for grabs again. The weather on Friday is supposed to stink: windy, cool, and wet (I think I'll sit that one out). Saturday is supposed to be bearable and Sunday might actually be nice with 60°F for a high. I will be amazed if the fishing is any good. Big Sandy lake is at least another 30 minutes North, so the water temps there are going to be even colder than here. I think at least some of Big Sandy still had some ice on it this week.

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