Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This Weeks: BP Bump Board

"The Bump Board" is a feature on the new ESPN Show Loudmouth Bass where the hosts Jay Kumar and Mark Zona* do a Top 5 list of some sort. This past show was: Top 5 people you do want fishing in the back of the boat.

BP Bump Board
Top 5 People the BP does want fishing in the back of his boat:

Posted by Hello5. Larry Mullin Jr. (Drummer of U2)

Posted by Hello4. The Edge (Guitar player U2)

Posted by Hello3. Bono (Lead Singer of U2)

Posted by Hello2. Hugh Hewitt (Sorry Adam, but Hugh is the Zen Master of Blog)

Posted by Hello1. Condolezza Rice

(*Mark Zona has complemented the Bass Pundit Blog and is playing for the Bass Pundit Championship with the Team Z-Pundit. Currently Z-Pundit is in 8th.)

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Pete said...

We tried to get tix to U2 in Dublin. Sold out in two hours.
We tried to get tix to U2 at Madison Square Garden. Sold out in two hours.

The best concert I've ever been to was U2 at Madison Square Garden shortly after 9/11.

Don't know if they like to wet a line, though.

Fishing Jones