Monday, February 07, 2005

BPC BASS Harris FBF Top 10, and Team Results

1. haley 307
2. Jones Entry-??--- FishingJones 265
3. Wallace Worm 218
4. Z-Pundit-MI 156
5. tommybass00-T. Matlack---??---????? 151
6. Nuttin' Like Worms-??---???? 140
7. BP' 123
8. 119
9. Schmenzig 117
10. NH 117

The rest of the individual results at the FBF HQ

BBWebleague 10
Fishing Jones blog =9 =8 =4 =3 =2 =2

State Championship
Team Minnesocold= 22
Team Lake Michigan= 7
Team Hoosier= 3
Team Miami Vice= 2
Team New Hampshire= 2


Pete said...

Is that me? Or is someone else using the name FishingJones for fantasy? I signed up for a team last year but haven't paid attention to it in months and months. I don't even remember my password or anything. If it is me, pretty impressive finish for a seriously neglected team. If not, who's got my name?

Fishing Jones

Basspastor said...

Oops, I just assumed that the "Jones Entry" by Mike Jones was the Mike from your blog. Maybe Not????

Pete said...

Mike on FJ is a trout guy from NH. He did join the league with me last year but I think he signed in as Trout Bum. If you want to give us credit for Mike Jone's victory, though ,that's cool!
It definitely would be fun to get involved in something like this. But, like I said, I'm still trying to recover from the disaster that was my Fantasy Football season.

(Are you all Vikes fans? Are they trading Moss?)

Basspastor said...

Definitely a Vikes Fan and Cheesehead hater. Check this archives:

As far as trading Moss, I hope not. I think all the negative hype on the guy is just that. He is actually a very hard worker and brings a lot more positives to the table than the negatives. He's just a guy that people love to hate cause they don't like his attitude. I thought his faux moon of the Pack faithful was the greatest thing since Zoom invented the Super Fluke.