Thursday, February 17, 2005

BP's been insulted...

As you must know the BP loves internet message boards, especially fishing one's. Each board has a different character and they run the gamet from G to R rated level of discourse and allowable discord. I really prefer boards that let you get after it and one another, flame wars are fun.

Over at the Uglo Klunkasaurus aka BFHP these swipes were taken at the BP.

2/16/05 7:10:00 AM Submitted by Lynn Dollar ( from OKLAHOMA says Actually pundit..........
The far majority could give a rats patoot what you think.
Maybe there should be something new started on the board, like getting over yourself.

I don't think I've ever read a positive remark from you about anyone. Its real easy to go overboard on hammering people, you can't just tear down all the time.

Al Gore has provided us a great thing when he invented the internet, you should use it wisely.
I guess she failed to notice my post immediately previous to one she ranted about where I complimented a guy I had been ripping into.

Actually, I'll now say something positive about JM in that some of his shows are very well done.
Please nobody tell Lynn Dollar the truth, I like the rep as an OGRE!

Next person jumps on the Bash BP Bandwagon with this Zinger:

2/16/05 7:52:00 PM Submitted by binkwood from MICHIGAN says Agree with Lynn....
BP you're a dope......and maybe even a nut to boot!
I actually I think I am more of a nut.....and MAYBE a dope to boot! But hey that's just me.

I'm so insulted! I think I will go and weep.

FYI the BP loves a good insult directed his way, to bad Cyberfish can only come up with LAME ones!
(I actually like them clever or lame or whatever because to take something that someone says to your over the internet personally would be... NOT me.)

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