Friday, February 11, 2005

Ramps, Holding Pools, and Crip Report

Before I get into the report here is pics of the holes cut in such a way as to make landing the fish easier. The 1st is the farther West hole I've been fishing and the 2nd is the father East hole; I like the 2nd set up better cause it had a "ramping" option (to the top) as well as a "holding pool" (to the left). The 1st only had "ramping" and a poor ramp at that, I think the "holding pool" is the way to do it.
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For the Rest of the Crappie Report go to the BP Fishing Log Blog.
FYI that is an 8" hole, so that is a 10" Crip.

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Greg said...

I like that. Next time I get out I'll have to give it a try! Keep up the good work with tips like this. Also that 11 pounder was quite something!