Friday, January 07, 2005

Bass Pundit Blog Franchis Empire

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Tah Dah!
Brilliant! (I love this commercial)
I'm on a roll today. I was laying in bed thinking about how in the world I can keep this blog uncluttered while still including all the stuff, I plan on putting into it. The problem is that blogging at least as I know is a single web page operation which means major clutter and difficulty in indexing topics. Now there are some blogging formats out there that make indexing easy, but I don't think basic Blogger is one of them.

Then it hit me. Through the magic of linking and the generosity of Blogger, the BP can have a Blog Franchise Empire or (B.P.B.F.E.). I can keep this blog uncluttered by starting up multiple BP blogs to handle various subject matter, and then use this as the "home page" or main directory, index, or whatever.

Thus The BP will soon be adding blogs for: Fantasy Bass Fishing, A BP 2005 Fishing Log, Tracking the BP's tournament fishing, family stuff, etc. You show up here, where you get a synopsis and link to the new stuff and if you are interested than you go there. Brilliant!, I tell you Brilliant!
(of coarse setting it up will take some time but in the end this should save me some hassle and make the blog much better. Or so I think)

"Let's hear a laugh for the man of the world Who thinks he can make things work Tried to build the New Jerusalem And ended up with New York. Ha Ha Ha."
Laughter by Bruce Cockburn