Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Fishing I Will Be Doing

Last year on June 25th I pulled the boat out of the water to do some work on the motor and the boat never got back in the water the rest of the year. Even though the boat is in the water right now and ready for use any time I have not fished out of it since June 25th. That will probably change later this week when some more mild temps move in.

The thing is, instead of going right to the slop and docks. I think I am going to break out the crankbaits, depth finder, marker buoys, and underwater camera and see if I can't find some schools of bass off the bank on Platte and Sullivan. I have tried this type of fishing on the lakes on a very limited basis and didn't have much success but I didn't put much effort into it. This might be a total waste of time or maybe I will get lucky and find some things that are fabulous, who knows.

Update: Don't know if I will be starting this before I get to the Chiropractor.

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