Friday, July 16, 2010

How About Some Fishing?

I suppose regular Bass Pundit readers have taken notice that there has been a sharp decline in my blogging fishing reports in the last several weeks. It isn't cause I'm keeping secrets. I just have not been getting out. Things are so simple in the Spring when I just grab a few rods and head out to my various shore spots. For some reason when it comes to going out in the boat I feel like it has to be a bigger production with lots of tackle and rods. Something that has sort of held me back this week, is that I have not unpacked from the Cass Lake Tournament. I will probably finally get to doing that tomorrow. It's looking very likely that I will take a fishing trip with Pete on Saturday morning. I am going to suggest a launch on Mille Lacs as the #1 option so as to avoid the issues that come up with Pete in the boat.

It looks like sometime next week I will get out for a pre-fish on Rabbit Lake, before the Bass Snatcher tournament on the 24th.

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